Scent Of A Man – Popular Men’s Perfumes

‘He should smell good’. This is one sentence most of us have either heard from a woman or read in a magazine when she is asked about that one thing she unfailingly finds attractive in a man. One certainly cannot undermine the importance of good hygiene and grooming. As if the wide range of local as well as international men’s perfumes available in shops wasn’t enough, now men also have tons of popular mens perfumes to choose from when looking to buy perfume online! So, to pick the best of the lot is a challenge! Let us pick up a few tips that can aid this process: Fragrance Guide This will help you understand the concentration of pure perfume essence in the bottle and what to expect from it. Besides, it will also help you determine your budget based on its concentration. ● Parfum – The most concentrated and hence, the most expensive of the lot, the scent of a parfum is composed of 20-30% pure essence of perfume. One application of this perfume will usually last an entire day. ● EDP (Eau de Parfum) – A milder version of parfum, EDP has a composition of 15-20% pure perfume essence with a bit of alcohol. It will need a reapplication through the day. ● EDT (Eau de Toilette) – Even milder, this is composed of 5-15% pure essence of perfume dissolved in alcohol and lasts only some hours. ● Cologne (Eau de Cologne) – Most of us associate this word with typical masculine scents. 2-4% perfume oils dissolved in water and alcohol is its usual composition. It doesn’t last more than a couple of hours. Notes Every kind of international men’s fragrance is a combination of varied “notes” which make up the overall scent of a fragrance. These are usually divided into: ● Top Notes – as the name suggests, these are the scents that are first perceived by the senses immediately upon application. These determine if the overall essence of the fragrance is floral, fruity, earthy, masculine etc. These usually evaporate as quickly as they burst. ● Heart Notes – heart notes emerge a while after top note dissipates. These are subtle and mellow scents that linger on longer. ● Base Notes – these erupt immediately after top note evaporates. Base notes are usually deep, rich and solid. They lend character to a fragrance and become more pleasant as time passes. Testing It is always recommended to first test a perfume as the code of pheromones & hormones is unique for everyone’s skin & this can greatly influence how it eventually smells on an individual. popular mens perfumePopular men’s perfumes by Mocemsa Let us explore a few popular mens perfumes: ● Al Ameer With the smoky fragrance of black cardamom & white pepper and the lemony zest of Geranium leading the way, this exclusive perfume for men is nothing short of pure luxury in a bottle. Base & heart notes of Sandalwood, Hinoki Wood, Turkish rose oil and Frankincense Oil only add to the opulence! ● Noir Pronounced as “Noo-ahr”, this fragrance is a combination of simplicity and style. A blend of rare Tahitian woods and spicy notes, this sophisticated fragrance is apt for a casual evening as much as it is for a business meeting. ● Royal A burst of a smooth blend of Kashmir Saffron and Bulgarian rose fragrance slowly graduating to Madagascar Vanilla & Vetiver Java at the base, as the name suggests, this exclusive perfume for men is for the plush lot! ● Mystic Ocean True to its name, this one perfectly captures the mystery of the sea. It sails off on a citrusy note with Sicilian Lemon and Yuzu Citron and slowly settles in with the fine fragrance of Glacier water accord and White Musk. Perfect for the mysterious kind, we say! This is one of the most popular perfumes for men. ● Rouge Here’s one for the proudly masculine breed! Pronounced “Roo-jsh”, this versatile scent takes off with a burst of freshness in the form of Green Mandarin and South African Lychee and finally lands on subtle notes of rare musks and precious woods

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