How to Use Facial Sponges Safely?

Need a flawless finish with your makeup? Use the facial sponge to blend the makeup perfectly. There are a variety of facial sponges in the market but beauty blender is the most preferred face sponge online in India. Beauty blender sponge is shaped like an egg which makes it easy to access every area of the face easily. If this is your first time of using it then I would tell you how to use it safely in this article: Saturate it with water: The first step to using a makeup sponge is wet it. Hold it under running water and squeeze it so it can absorb the water. After absorbing water it becomes twice its original size. Squeeze it: Remove the excess water from it by squeezing. Excess water may not let your product get absorbed in the sponge. Dab sponge in the product: Press the damp sponge in your product but make sure you don’t pick up too much product. To get best results with beauty blender apply the makeup in stippling motion. Use the broader side of the sponge for large areas: After dabbing it in makeup bounce the round bottom of sponge gently across your face. Do not wipe it across your face and do not press it too hard against the skin. Stipple it gently across the face until the makeup is evenly blended. Now you can buy sponge online in India. Pointed side for smaller areas: It is difficult to access smaller areas of your face with broad side of the sponge. Use pointed edge of it to apply concealer or foundation under the eyes, around nose, along the lips and in other smaller areas. While using pointed edge press a little harder to blend the makeup completely in skin. This facial sponge is available online in India now. Wash it: If you do not wash it after using and keep it like that till next use, it may grow bacteria. Wash it every time you use it. Wet the sponge with warm water and use some antibacterial cleanser to wash it. Create a lather and wash it until all the water is drained from the sponge. Let it dry: Do not store it unless it has dried completely. Storing a damp sponge also encourage growth of bacteria into it. Let it dry in the air and then store it in the jar that came along with it.

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