Perfect Ways to Use The Makeup Blending Sponge!

It may be that you are a newbie in the industry of make-up or maybe you haven’t used makeup sponges or blender before. Do not worry! Here in this article, you are going to know about the expert advice o how to use makeup blending sponge correctly. Let us see the ways, how you can improve your habits of using makeup sponge: Never use dirty sponge- Sometimes it has been seen that many ladies complain of skin allergy or a pimple after using makeup blending sponge. But, why blame it when you are using them in a wrong way? Use one for applying one thing, not for applying everything. Do not use a million products with one sponge- It is sad that all makeup sponges are not of the same size. So you have to buy a stock of makeup blending sponge. You can’t apply all your products with one blender, for example- for blending liquid foundation you need spate sponge and for highlighting your cheekbones you need different. If you are a diehard fan of using sponge make-up blender then keep a stock of it with you and of different color and shapes. So, that you remember which one you have to use for which applying which product. Use high-quality sponge- Many people for saving just some extra bucks, they buy cheap and low-cost makeup blending sponge, which are thin and do not have a long life. In addition, they do not show good results. Cheap sponges sold in bulk and they absorb so much foundation in them. So, invest in buying a good, that is a bit finer than the cheap one, blend well and is soft. To blend powder formula use dry sponges not wet on- If you are ultimate make-up sponge specialist, no one may not tell you that you should wet your make sponge blender (and squeeze out excess water) before using it with your product. This provides super coverage because the it absorbs moisture and thus limits the number of substrates that can be picked, such as built-in color control. Although this is a good thing, for a while you may need more coverage. In this case, apply with a dry sponge when you use powdered formulas in a dry state (because a wet sponge plus powder can be equivalent to a mess). Blend the makeup instead of rubbing- If you spend years in using the makeup brush for applying the foundation and other makeup, sponge brush can be sponge dragged to the face. It does not affect your appearance, but it will not give you air-brushes like the look and even coverage that a sponge supposed to give your face. Instead of rubbing in the skin use sponge tapping the makeup in your skin, which takes more time, but on the shining side, your skin looks incredible.

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