Let Your Christmas Tree Shine The Most This Year In During Christmas

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals, every year billions of people celebrate it with full dignity. Previously it was just for an evening and a day for most of the people, but, now it is a whole week full of festivities. The week is not only to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but also to welcome a new year. During the whole week, Christmas trees stay in most of our homes as well as commercial complexes. What could be the best possible way to decorate them, except for the Christmas tree lights? Most of the parents leave, decoration works of the trees to their children and they use all the potentials of their vivid imagination to do that. During the 16th Century, some devoted Christians in Germany started to bring decorated plants in their homes. In Northern Europe, it was celebrated for hundreds of years prior to the arrival of Jesus Christ. The Roman and Pagans used this time to worship Saturn the Lord of Agriculture and to celebrate Winter Solstice respectively. They mostly used the Cherry and Hawthorn plants. During the 1830s a German settler in the United States used a decorated plant for his son, he used scolourful papers, wooden decorative objects and candle lights for lighting. In the 21st Century, the plants have become artificial and way more customizable than the previous generation of Christmas trees. But, the Christmas tree lights still hold the main element for all the decorative works. The artificial trees are mostly made of plastic and similar materials which can last long up to 10 years. With proper precautions like netting and safekeeping, the lifespan can be increased even more. In recent times, the artificial plants are even incorporated with pre-configured electronic lighting and sound systems, saving a lot of time in decoration. But, this new feature is taking away the joy of decoration from the kid. So, many parents are also buying simple artificial or even live plants. A few years ago some farming companies across Europe and North America started to grow cherry, hawthorn and pine trees commercially to sell them as Christmas trees. These are sold with enough fertilized soil, it can stay alive for years even with minimum care. Now, kids normally get bored with the same old tree, fresh lighting ideas can cheer them up and you will get a newly decorated Christmas tree for almost no extra cost.

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