Inspiring Moments – Inspirational Adult Coloring Book

The illustrations are Charming, Whimsical and in a Hand drawn style in this Unique well made coloring book&Easy to remove pages, Every single illustration in this unique and well made coloring book is imaginative and filled with original art, by a well-known artist Chanelle Correia. The illustrations are charming, whimsical and in a hand drawn style. This book includes a combination of both Christian and General themes. You will find charming full paged images filled with scenes and/ or patterns that include Flowers, Fruit, Birds, Angels, Crosses, Ice cream sundaes, Cup Cakes, Hot air balloons, even a fish swimming, Words of hope, plus a delightful illustration of Noah’s Ark, A mother and daughter, A father and son, plus many more. This coloring book is going into my personal coloring library for sharing with my grandchildren. They are going to love making a mobile with the punch outs, and for quality family time the pages are wide enough for two of us to color the same picture , plus the themed pages with delightful art, Christian and family themed pages are perfect for fun conversations with the children. 1. This large rectangular ( 11 14″ wide x 8 ¼” high) coloring book is unique. a. The covers and all 52 coloring pages are made of light weight card stock paper. b. Inside the back cover a very sturdy, heavy 1/8″ thick, sheet of gray cardboard is added, this is a solid coloring base, I did not need my clipboard to sit comfortably in my chair and color the first page in this book. c. The first 4 pages are made of heavy weight card stock and include 25 punch outs, with a hole in the top on each for hanging, all for you to color. The punch outs include 4 adorned crosses, 5 with inspiring words (Prayer changes things, Hope, Faith, Love, Peace) 8 adorned hearts, and 8 whimsical birds in a hand drawn style) d. But there is even more, all of the pages are glued to the binding so that you can easily remove a single page from the book for coloring. e. 19 of the 52 coloring pages include inspirational text and include prayers, psalms and even some with only one simple yet powerful word like Hope, Genesis. 2. Printed on bright white, light weight card stock, one picture per page (the back of each page is blank) 3. All the acid based markers I tested bled through the paper or left ghosting on the back of the page. Markers Included Sharpies, and Bic Mark-it 4. Some of the water based markers do not bleed through the paper, including Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and fibre-tipped markers and Tom Bow Double tipped markers the brush end. 5. My colored pencils Prisma color soft core, Derwent, and Crayola worked ok, the color lays down smoothly and in bright color but the paper is smooth so only a couple layers are possible so this is a nice book for coloring with colored pencils but not for colored pencil techniques. 6. The paper does not have much tooth but works for my grandchildren to use their Crayola water paints on the pages with any buckling 7. This book lies flat but the pages to have a tendency to come loose easily as this book is made for page removal. 8. I am adding some of my favorite pages to help you decide if this book is just right for you.

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