Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes – An Introduction

Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes is the latest offering from fashion empire, Philip Lim. It’s a collection of second hand clothing from an obscure local fashion designer who was once able to hang on to his wardrobe. Phillip Lim has a reputation for turning out some of the most unique and interesting designs for ladies. What he has also been known for is his knack for capturing the joy of vintage fashion and bringing it into the modern day with updated packaging and presentation. Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes, first launched in 2020, goes right back to its roots. The line is all about using vintage clothing to bring out the elegance and classic styling of the genre. There are several ways that Philip Lim makes use of vintage pieces to create their collections. The denim jackets, for example, are often made from wool. The material gives the jacket’s a beautifully natural texture that is difficult to find in other fabrics. In addition, it allows for the use of different dyeing techniques that modern designers are eschewing in favour of mass produced garments. All in all, you can see why Philip Lim has decided to go back to basics. They want to create products that remind us of the things that made them love fashion so much to begin with. Another way Philip Lim brings vintage to life is through the use of clothes by local designers. For example, the items that come from ‘Griffin’s Tattoo’ are actually found in rural markets. Therefore, it’s easy to access these pieces of clothing at reasonable prices. Instead of just copying the styles that these artists use, they bring out the individuality of the pieces by being bold and using old pictures to recreate a look. This is especially true of the ‘Gothic Style’ pieces which feature worn and bruised garments that have been cut to a worn look with sharp edges. As you can tell from the photos, the pieces in Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes do not necessarily have to be worn to their full potential. This is because the idea is to create vintage glamour for the wearer but also to give the classic and vintage look with a contemporary twist. Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes does not feature collections by local designers such as Griffin’s Tattoo or even the local Australian fashion industry. Instead, the brand uses products from overseas to make up the brand. The most well known is obviously Burberry, but Philip Lim also offers handbags from Anthropologie, Jim Bloomfield, Moncler and (of course) American fashion. These brands are no doubt important to any major fashion brand in the world, but they also offer the opportunity to sell slightly more specialized items at prices that are not too high. Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes do not use pieces from these companies exclusively, but rather use items from them both. You can try to find their other brands by checking out the website or by speaking to the company. So, whether you are a fashion lover or someone who likes to try something different, Country Living Find The Horseshoe Sweepstakes is an exciting new addition to Philip Lim’s already exciting product range. It is well worth giving it a try.

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