Take a Look on Top 7 Features Before Buying The Power Bank

In the tech-freak world of today, people are using smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and so on extensively for making their life easier. But the thing that restricts the use of these gadgets often is the battery backup. To solve this undying problem, Power Banks are introduced in the market which can be defined as the portable source of charging which doesn’t require any electricity socket. People these days prefer to carry a portable charger with them for an extra source of charging for the times when their phone gets drained off. Power Banks are something that made our life much easier than before. But before buying a power bank, there are some crucial features that should be taken into consideration to ensure the best results. Let’s un-wrap top 7 features of the Mobile Bank that you should look for before making a discreet decision: Capacity Power Banks with the higher capacity are more useful than those with lesser capacities. A higher number on the back of your power bank means more energy to charge multiple devices multiple times. If you buy a 2000 mAh capacity power bank, it may charge a phone merely two times but on the other hand, if you go for a 20000 mAh, it will charge your devices up to 4-5 times without even demanding the charging for itself. Portability Size does matters!! Especially when you are talking about Power Banks, as they are designed with the motive of providing charging of the phone on the go mainly for commuters and people who spend a major part of their day on phones. Hence, you should always prefer a small size carry charger so that it can easily be fitted into your pocket, handbag, purse or briefcase. But the size of the Power Bank also varies according to the capacities. So if you just need a portable charger only because ‘you should have’ type of a purpose, buy a smaller one. The bigger one is important for the time if you need to charge the bigger devices such as laptops. Quick Charging Time The time your charger takes to get charged depends upon its capacity. Like, if we take a 2000 mAh power bank, it will get charged in 4-5 hours whereas the 10000 mAh power bank needs up to 8 hours of charging. If you really need to charge your phone just to get out of the trouble of switching off, buy a smaller one so that it gets charged fast and can be carried in your pocket easily. Connectivity One of the most important features of choosing a right portable mobile charger is the connectivity. Not all power banks that exist in the market can charge all types of phones but many come with different connectors so that you can charge different devices from a single device. Generally, these devices are fitted with regular USB ports but their connectivity to your phone is in doubt. For example, if you own both an Android and iOS phone, you need a power bank which is compatible with both of them. Number of Ports and Led Lights Unlike low capacity power banks, high capacity Power Banks generally comes with multiple USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices at a single time. Also, many Power Banks comes with an option of bright LED Lights so that you should keep an eye on the battery level and the charging status of your phone. They are also found very helpful for showing the path in the darkness. Input and Output Supply Input and Output Power is measured in ‘Ampere’. This Ampere power varies from low capacity power banks to higher capacity ones. Input and Output Power of the Power Bank generally refers to how fast it can be charged from the power source and how fast it can charge your smartphone respectively. So, if you don’t want to wait for a longer time so that your power bank can charge or get charged, choose a power bank that bears low Ampere Voltage. Price The criteria for deciding the price of the Power Bank should be its specifications and not only the brand. If you are on a budget and trying to figure out what power bank will be the best to buy. Do some lucrative research considering the capacity, input and output power, weight, size and other features so that you can compare between different brands and go for a reasonable one.

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