7 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

Your outfit and sandals aren’t enough to complete your look. Us women need to glam up a bit more and jewelry is just for that. Like makeup, jewels add that missing salt to your look. They make you appear more put together. While we’re not all jewelry lovers, at some point in our lives, however, our feminine instincts do call for a bit of shine. That said, these days jewelry comes in various styles, shapes, and designs. There was a time when only delicate or heavy adornments were a part of fashion. Today, the range has widened from goth and punk to cutesy, artistic designs. Our cultures also play a major role in how we decorate ourselves. However, there are certain jewelry pieces that are so essential for a woman’s wardrobe that almost every average lady owns them. And if she doesn’t, she should. Whether you’re a lover of hip designs, luxury, or classic silver, these pieces should always be a part of your treasure chest. Wondering which jewelry items, we’re talking out? Here are 7 pieces that are necessary. A plain chain A simple long chain might sound boring, but it is anything but that. It is there to accentuate your look when you want to keep it elegant. It can be paired with other chains, long ones, and locket-carrying ones as well for a Bohemian vibe. In the recent years, layering of chains has marked its place in the trends books. We recommend going for a gold chain as it is more likely to go with the rest of your getup. A delicate bracelet Ever noticed how empty your entire look appears when you leave your wrists sans any jewelry? That happens when the outfit you’re wearing is one that doesn’t have full sleeves. A bracelet, a simple one, would look lovely. Not only would it complete your look, but it will also add a dose of glamor to your overall appearance. Whether you are strolling around with your pals or out for a date, a bracelet is one accessory that you should wear. Pearl earrings Pearls make for timeless accessories. Earrings are essential for completing your look and they look all the more classic when they have pearl details. Pearls have been an integral part of fashion since the beginning of time. They represent class and sophistication. You don’t necessarily have to go for the luxurious and expensive ones. You can also stick to brands that offer them for affordable prices. Make use of coupons for cutting down the prices even further. This way you get to save! A band ring Like other jewelry items, rings are available in a broad range of styles. You can go for stacking simpler rings together or rock a chunky one. A statement bold ring with a bright gem is also a great choice. However, our recommendation lies with something much more graceful; a simple band ring. It doesn’t have to be plain, it can also have studs embedded to take the notch up on the glitz factor. You can go for platinum, diamond, white gold or good old copper, brass, and zinc blende. A watch A watch doesn’t only tell you the time; it also adds charm to your appearance. This is why you should have a watch in your wardrobe. However, unlike other jewelry items, you shouldn’t opt to buy a watch for minimal bucks. Because cheap watches come with the risk of showing the wrong time which goes against the entire purpose of the watch. Go for a classic watch, one that is dainty. Make sure it is polished to a shine. This accessory should definitely be a part of a woman’s collection. A gold bangle Another jewelry piece that is a must-have is a gold bangle. The easy-to-wear design of this piece gains it points over other wrist accessories. Go for one which has a fine look and is on the simple side of the spectrum. A gold one would be perfect. Regardless of its price, this piece would look spellbinding on grand events. You don’t have to purchase one that is made of gold; you can go for a gold-plated or gold-toned piece as well. Diamond Studs Last but not the least, diamond studs are an investment worth making. These can be worn on a casual day out as well as on festive occasions. They look as beautiful paired with a maxi dress as they do with skinny jeans and a button-down shirt outfit. Diamond studs never go out of fashion which is why you should have a pair. Go for ones that are not too heavy but are delicate. Try to keep away from overly trendy pieces and choose a classy pair. To sum up, the right jewelry can take your style up. Some essential jewelry pieces that should be a part of your collection include a chain, a bracelet, a bangle, studs, a band ring, earrings, and a watch. Go for timeless pieces that never let you down.

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