Good Basketball Shoes Can Preventing Chronic Injuries

Healthy, comfortable feet are a major part of success in basketball, so be sure yours are properly supported and cared for both on and off the court.Basketball is an excellent sport for getting a great workout and improving hand-eye coordination, speed and stamina. But it’s not all fun and games. If you don’t have the proper support and shock absorption for your feet, you run the risk of some serious injuries due to overuse. Acute injuries on the court cannot often be prevented, as they’re accidental and result from falls and bad landings after jumps. But there are things you can do to avoid common chronic basketball injuries. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, these chronic injuries, including stress fractures, tendinitis, shin splits and plantar fasciitis, are often caused by “inadequate warmup, poor conditioning, improper and ill-fitting shoes, worn out shoes, or a biomechanical deformity that causes undue stress on the foot and ankle.” One of your first concerns should of course be conditioning your body properly and building up your stamina and strength. But don’t forget about having the right equipment to play the game responsibly. You need a basketball-specific shoe with ankle support to add stability during cuts, jumps and running on the court. For additional shock absorption for your feet, a basketball shoe insole can provide cushioning to help prevent foot pain and injuries. Because of the nature of the foot movements involved in the sport, you’ll want to look for insoles for basketball shoes that offer heel cradles and arch support for motion control. Plantar fasciitis can be a common concern among basketball players, and an insole that stabilizes the heel while supporting the arches can help reduce the stress on the plantar fasciitis ligament and prevent heel pain. To keep up on the court, you need the best basketball shoes. The Pulse was specifically designed for rigorous activity and provides built-in arch support, a stabilizing heel cradle and plenty of shock absorption to withstand the intensity of the sport. With semi-rigid arch support and heel cradle, the Pinnacle insole offers motion control, and you can choose between the Full Length for total contact support and a softer feel and the Maxx for firmer support.

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