Special Occasion Eid Clothes For The Festive Season

Every woman out there wants perfect Eid clothes. The idea of ideal eid dresses revolves around just the right blend of traditional and modern clothing to get the best of both. Taking the classic traditional dresses like a sharara, and modifying them just enough to give them a modern touch is what every girl has in her mind. I’m here to help you pick out the style you want to adopt this Eid. Latest Designs for Eid Clothes Given below are some fascinating ideas on how you can turn traditional dresses into a mixture of cultural and modern clothing for your upcoming Eid clothes. Ideas for Sharara Dresses as Eid Outfits There are many different ways you can wear a sharara. Here are some examples on how you can design an elegant sharara dress for your Eid outfits. Printed Sharara with Plain Shirts For the women who don’t like a lot of embroidery on their dresses, this design can be pretty ideal. All you need is a good print in your favorite fabric and get a simple sharara stitched out of it. Match a plain shirt of the same color or a different one, this totally depends on your personal preference. You can play with the colors and add more if you love a funky look. Embroidered Shirt with Plain Sharara If you’re a fan of embroidery, you can take any embroidered cloth of your favorite color and make a shirt out of it. The length and style of the shirt is totally up to you. Get a fabric in a matching or contrasting color to go with your shirt and just make a plain sharara. You can use the same cloth for your sharara and dupatta or mix and match with different fabrics as well. Such a style in Eid clothes gives a very elegant look and you can pull it off at any party or event as well. Multicoloured Sharara Since a sharara basically has two parts. One that goes till the knee and the from the knee till the bottom. You can take two different colors of fabric and make the sharara of two different colors. You can get the shirt made out of a third contrasting color or one of the two used in the sharara. This way you can play with more colors and your dress will come out to be bright and beautiful with is perfect for Eid outfits. Ideas for Anarkali Dresses as Eid Clothes Even though Anarkali dresses faded out of fashion a few years ago, but they are surely coming back now. There are many ways you can turn a traditional Anarkali lehenga into a modern dress for your eid clothes. Plain Chiffon Dress with Embroidered Flair This design works great for young girls. You can take your favorite color in a good quality chiffon fabric and make a plain Anarkali dress out of it. For the flared edge, you can either get it embroidered or use laces to give the dress a fancier look. You can do the same with the sleeves as well. Match it with a plain dupatta of the same or contrasting color and you’re good to go. Fully-Embroidred Anarkali Dress If you’re into a fancier look for Eid dress, you can take an embroidered fabric instead of plain one to make your Anarkali dress. But it that seems a bit too much, you can mix and match with the fabrics and use embroidered patches on some parts and plain on the others. This way you will get a nice balance of the embroidery and your outfit will become an ideal Eid dress. Front-Open Anarkali Dress Well, the name speaks for itself. Instead of going for an all-round dress, you can modify your Anarkali dress to be a front open design. You can use laces to enhance the edges of the slit. You can also modify it a bit more and use a fancier cloth to show from beneath the open slit. This will enhance the look of your dress even more.

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