Top Tips to Follow Before Using Best Dark Tanning Lotions

What thoughts come to your mind when you think of the summer at first? Sun, sand, surf, fun and perfectly bronzed skin? Summers are all about elevated moods, enthusiasm and more time outdoors. But, most people usually have time for a suntan, and most prefer to bask in the sun once they already have a good tan. It is the very reason many prefer tanning at a salon or home. Tanning is in these days, as most young people feel they looked better after getting a tan. So, the secret behind a beautiful tan is opting for the best indoor tanning lotions, which do not spread and offer great results within no time. Many of the indoor tanners are made up of natural ingredients such as walnut shell extract, coconut extract, green tea extract and other natural oils. You should use these lotions in the tanning beds, remember never to use regular suntan lotions while tanning indoors. It is because they damage the acrylic material used in the manufacturing of tanning beds. Indoor tanning lotions, moisturize and condition your skin. They contain natural oils, antioxidants and botanical extracts which plump up your skin with extra moisture. So, you get a deeper and richer tan that lasts for a long time. What you need to do before going for a tan? Skin patch test: It is important to always test a product before use on a section of your skin. You ought to do this every time you use a new product, even though if it says, “For sensitive skin,” you can’t take a chance with your skin. Color Patch test: So, you bought a new color and are super excited to give it a try. One minute! Just because the product gave a nice tan to your friend, does not mean you will get the same results. It is better to go for a patch test for color and ensure it looks good on you. Nothing will look more unattractive than an orange person. Indoor use: Some manufacturers label their tanners as suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but we recommend not to use a product in the direct sunlight. It will damage your skin, so tan indoors and ensure to use sunscreen when you go out to prevent sunburns. Do not use tanners on children: Children have delicate skin if compared to that of adults. Hence it should be protected. It is better to consult a specialist to find out which product will suit them. Wash hands after use: Wash your hands after using the lotion, as it will prevent discoloration on the fingers. So, these are our top tips to remember while using best dark tanning lotion

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