How To Choose Your Ideal Bath Towel?

Bath towels are easily one of the hardest working members of your household. We expect our towels to keep us clean whenever we want. Towels offer you tons of versatility as you can clean mud tracks in your home, clean surfaces of all kinds in your house. Despite the versatility they offer, the towels are highly under-appreciated. People don’t put thought into the kind of towels they buy and bring home. But with a little research, you can pick one of the best towels that will last longer and perform better in multiple ways. What Should You Look For In a Towel? There are several things to consider while you are choosing your ideal towel. The kind of fabric you choose makes a huge difference in the performance offered by your towels. Several fabrics are ideal for your towels. You should choose a fabric that is ideal for your skin. You also need to determine the quality standard for your towels. There are tons of towels brands out there and it is easy to get confused. That’s where we come in, in this article you will learn how to choose your ideal bath towel. How to Take Care Of Your Towel Range? Before you go ahead and buy new bath towels, we suggest you learn how to take care of your towels. Even if you buy the best towels and don’t know how to take care of them, you can ruin those towels. Let us tell you how to wash your towels. Don’t Use Fabric Softeners: While Fabric softeners provide brilliant smells to your towels. You should know that fabric softeners are not great for your towel. Towels that are made with extra-long cotton fibers provide extra absorbency and toughness to the towels. The fabric softeners can get stuck in the fibers and ruin the towels altogether. Even your super expensive Egyptian towels can turn into cheap polyester towels. Wash With Vinegar: Put a cupful in the wash with towels once a month. Vinegar is great for removing body oils and soap residue that make towels less absorbent. It also helps in getting rid of bad smell. If you want, you can even use Vinegar more than once. Don’t Use Towel Hooks: A towel hung on hooks for drying, dry slower than towels hung on bars. The towels that dry slower are home to mold and bacteria. Your towel would soon turn hard and lose the ability to absorb moisture if you use towel hooks for drying towels. Don’t Iron Towels: While it’s not very common, but some people do iron their towels. Ironing towel is bad because the heat and weight crush the loops in the fabric, which makes them less absorbent. You wouldn’t want a towel that moves the moisture around rather than absorbing it. Facts to Consider While Choosing Your Towel An endless option of towels boasting a variety of features, it’s quite difficult to know which one will live up to their claims. These trips and tricks that we have mentioned below will help you to shop for the ideal bath towel. 1. Check the Fiber Content 100% cotton is the softest and most absorbent material type that you’ll have. You don’t have run after the premium kinds of cotton-like Egyptian cotton or Supima cotton as they are considered top-notch, but they don’t add any more softness than 100% cotton towels. Another fine option is to choose a towel that’s a cotton blend. Most towels are cotton/polyester blend: it is less expensive, quick-drying features, and more durable. 2. Look For Production Highlights There can be towel jargon that can be tricky for new users. Here are a few keywords that you should look for. Combed Cotton: The cotton is brushed to remove short fibers and making the fabrics softer and durable. Ring-Spun Cotton: Long and short fibers are tightly twisted making the towel loops strong and smooth. This makes the towels more absorbent and strong. Twist: Twist is the term used of how much the loop’s yarn is twisted. A high twist is durable but a low (or zero) twist increases surface area to make the towel plusher and more absorbent. Hydrocotton, Microcotton, Aerocotton: These are manufacturing processes that give the towels their supreme quality. You should remember these words if you wish to choose the best possible towel. 3. Inspect The Towel Manufacturers may use an extra coating to make the towels feel softer than they are. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel the softness of the towels in the store. The additional coating will come off after the first wash. Before buying, you make sure that the edges are neatly folded and secured with close. This prevents fraying and can help in extending the towel’s life. 4. Consider The Weight The weight of the towel is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). Generally the higher the weight, the denser the towel, and the more absorbent and soft it will be. 300-400 GSM is considered as a lightweight towel, 400-600 GSM Is known as a medium weight towel and 600-900 GSM Is the heaviest. According to our research, the best towels are known between the 500-700 GSM range. 5. Know What You Are Searching For It is a matter of personal preference but it certainly makes a huge difference. Do you need to be clear on what you are looking for? If you want a super absorbent, super soft towel then you should choose 100% cotton towels . If you want a towel that dries quickly and more durable, you should consider a cotton-poly blend or lighter fabric with a low pile. Fluffy loops help the towel feel soft and absorb water more in comparison to other towels. Conclusion: Choosing The Right Towel Choosing the right bath towel can be a difficult choice for yourself. Hopefully, this article helped you understand what you need to consider while choosing the kind of towel you want.

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