Librarian’s Tips on Long-Term Book Storage

For many of us, when we are moving from one residence to another or relocating to a new place, packing our valuable books becomes one of the top priorities. Humidity, rats, pets, insects can cause serious damage to books which must be presented with proper long-term storage techniques. Even for people who buy books online in bulk and then storing them away, you really to do that properly to avoid permanent damage to your precious books. Here are a few recommendations that librarians often make. Pack in small boxes: Find small boxes to put your books away. You can ask for spare cartons from your neighbours or buy them at a home improvement store. Have at least a dozen of small boxes or more depending on how many books you have to put away. Small boxes will help you in organising everything by genre and carry them about without breaking your back. Create a raised platform: Do not place your books on the floor and in a spot that is lower than the level of your floor because you have a chance of moisture or water seeping into the boxes and damaging your books. Look for a raised platform, or design one with simple things such as an old unused table an old chair, or perhaps the top of your wardrobe – anything but the floor! Once you have found the right place, clean it up, use diatomaceous earth to create a base layer and place your boxes on top of it. Label and organise: Later, after year or maybe a decade, when you return to your boxes it’ll be easier to find but contains what if you put proper labels on them. Use a waterproof marker pen to prevent smudging. You could also consider giving away books at the local library or school if you think that to be the best for your books. Put away such boxes separately so you do not confuse between what you want to keep and what you want to give away. Plan for climate control: If you ever notice in your local library, you will find that libraries to employee climate control procedures. This helps them in keeping humidity out of the air and prevents algae, fungi and germination of book eating insects. When you buy books online in UK for your personal collection you do not often worry about climate control but when you have to store it away for long years this becomes a necessity. Now by climate control we do not mean investing in costly equipment, all you need to do is find a clean and dry room with proper ventilation. If the number of books exceeds hundreds, you will have to find proper devices that maintain the right amount of humidity in the air and other important parameters for long-term safekeeping. We hope this tips helped. Do share with us if you think there are better ways to stow away priceless books for posterity.

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