India Today Subscription Delivering Insightful Stories on All the Buzzing Topics in India

India today is an Indian weekly magazine and country’s most widely read English publication that covers a well-rounded outlook on a wide assortment of topics such as travel, health, economy, politics, lifestyle, the arts, entertainment, science, automobiles, electronic gadgets, trending videos, sports news and technology in India for over a decade. There are many reasons tied that pushes people from any business background to get India Today subscription. India today was established in 1975, by Vidya Vilas Purie (owner of Thompson press) and Madhu Trehan as its editor while Aroon Purie as its publisher. It has emerged out as country’s most widely read publication and with its increasing number of readers from diverse regions, it has expanded its publications in different languages including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Let’s Take A Glance On Cover Story Analysis Of India Today: India today caters to all class of people who are largely interested in extensive issues of national importance. It gives the reader that information, what the newspaper does not provide. Its broadly covers all the issues that help in forming a justified educated opinion. It compares the cover story to the headlines of that particular week. Have A Look At The Content Analysis and Regular Features In The Magazine: Mail of the Week: It includes the feedback and opinions of its readers from the previous issue. India Scope: A snippet of information which covers the weekly ongoing events in politics across the country. Off Track: A special edition which carries interesting aspects of India. Nation: A feature that deals with subjects that are of national importance and have a nationwide impact. States: This feature deals with the issues of 2-3 states weekly which could lay a great impact on those states and on the nation as whole. Business and Economy: It covers in depth analysis of impactful business stories. Sports Watch: It covers in detail the ongoing sports of the week. Society and the Arts: It covers social issues, ongoing events for a change and also throws light on issues that can directly or indirectly affect the society. Your Week: It features reviews of books, movies and performances. Eye Catchers: This is the last page of the magazine which has nuggets of information from the entertainment industry. Though the magazine has not got an elitism and appeal in it but it has successfully managed to develop itself as the most credible and trusted source of information. So, if you are the one who believe in making informed decision and stay updated with the right information then there is nothing better than India today magazine. India today subscription from a reliable and reputed online book stores allows you to get the benefits of heavy discounts, shipping and door step deliveries across the nation. You can subscribe it for quarterly, half yearly or annually basis and avail the benefits attached to it.

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