Ecobook The A4 Size Whiteboard Notebook Blank Pages Pen Included Black Cover

Ecobook is a Great notebook with no waste, Having used this notebook for a week at work I have decided that for certain circumstances it is perfect, and for others there are a few flaws but in terms of function I cannot fault it – it works just as described. So as to start with the positives, the book is of excellent quality, with a soft cover and with 20 erasable pages to it this is, to my mind,quite ample (I got to five). The thing I especially like about this book is that you can easily build on ideas or rectify mistakes very easily. I have found myself using this book at work to schedule work and to do lists; as one job gets erased there’s often another one to replace it. Instead of rewriting out my to do the list I keep it on the same page and just update it each week – this book really came into its own here! There are a couple of issues that I have found with this blank version is that I am not the best person at writing in straight lines, so if you have to struggle with this also then there is a lined version also available. This book however would be perfect for the doodles. There is one other minor issue but I think this is more about me than the product; my handwriting isn’t that fantastic on a whiteboard book but I am hoping I will get quite used to this. My wife loves to doodle and has stolen this book on more than one occasion so I would highly recommend it for this also. All in all this is a great book that does exactly what it promises; it’s of a great quality and actually much better than a regular notebook in many ways. For my needs I think I will look into the lined version, but if looking for a blank erasable canvas,than this A4 book is perfect.I would highly recommend this book. I was kindly provided a sample by the publisher to review; the opinions expressed here are entirely my own view of this product.

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