10 Steps to Become A Creator From A Writer

The worlds of writing have changed a lot in past 10 years. Today, writers have more options for book publishing and online book publishing. Also, there are even more option to reach out to the audience and grab their attraction towards your book or e-book. With more options come more unknown writer, some are awesome and some just sucks. Before getting your work published you need to master the art of writing. Obviously, you will learn across the journey of publishing books but that doesn’t means that your first book should be an absolute waste. To decide whether you fit in the world of publishing a book, you should ask following 10 questions to yourself- Be clear if you are writer or a creator: Writers are those who sells stories but creators, they build a story world. Becoming a writer is a transaction based existence. It has only one focus and that is the traditional method of book publication and article publication. They view everything else as an ancillary. While the creation is an approach that considers the traditional method of book publication as one among many methods that exists to help you create an story world, a fictional universe of your dreams. It allows you to get engage the audience by making the best use of all the means available in today’s world. Creators control their future and shine most among all the writers irrespective of tough competition. Writers struggle throughout their life just to write the same old or a little better story all the time. Is going traditional an option: Nowadays, there are a wide range of publishing and marketing option. In this world, going traditional is not always a first choice for every author. In today’s world there are lot more easier way to get the success. There are companies which provide you full control over your book publishing. With the option of self publishing, you not only write a book but you get a chance to be involved in each and every step of getting your book published. Creators make the most of the chance given to them and the others always scribble through the same old process. Traditional method is appropriate for those who want to see their book in bookstores, need advances to finish their book and whose genre is highly competitive. Here is a list of book publisher in India, penguin publisher India, Macmillan publisher India. There are a wide range of publishers in India as fiction book publisher in India, school book publishers in India, Hindi book publishers in India etc. What about self publishing: Book publishing has lot more option today than ever. But self publishing a book through self publication houses in India has lot more work than simply uploading a file on print on demand. It is a tough decision as along with it comes a lot more responsibility. Rights, taxes, marketing and design, everything is in your hand and are dependent on you when you go for self publishing a book. At each and every step your time, dedication and sometime money is required. What is transmedia: Transmedia allows you to tell your story across a wide range of media. For example, mobile apps, short films etc. Genre writers usually see there work from the transmedia perspective. Is your story inspiring for other writers: There are books which create history through the help of transmedia. There are few books which just depend upon the fans of the writer and are read by a restricted audience. There are many books out there which can inspire even a non writer to grab the pen and start writing. That should be the impact of your writing if you want to be creator. Worry must not drag you down: There are a lot of worries in the mind of a writer. Whether the story that you have chosen to write upon will grab the attention of the audience, your writing style will be able to impress the readers or not, will your book become a successful one or not and a lot of more questions always fills the mind of every writer. If you are a new writer then bombarding of such questions and dilemma whether to get the book published or not s quite normal. Do not panic. Just have faith in yourself and believe your hard work. You just need to be focused and work hard to get the success. If you are a new writer you can take the help of Indian publishers for new authors to get your book published. Writing for adult and young audience: The young and the adult audience make a hot market. Young audience gives you popularity. At the same time, it increases the competition. You need to maintain your audience. You must know what you’re young fans wanting you to read. This cannot be simply judged by looking into the comments that they leave on your blog or social networking sites. Instead, you need to directly ask them. Give your fans few topics and ask them to vote. This way you can write efficiently as you will give the topic with which you are familiar and to some extent you will have the assurance that your fans are going to read it as the topic is of their choice. Book marketing hacks: You need to master this field as well. Now with the help of internet, it has become very easy to be in touch with your fans. This gives more personal touch and makes your reader even more interested in your books. Book promotional and selling techniques are something which each and every writer of today’s generation must master. No matter how good you write, if it cannot be reached to a certain good amount of audience it is a total waste. You are giving your book so much of time and hard work but all that go in vain if your marketing strategy is not good enough. Interact with your readers: If you are afraid of public speaking then you need to kick this fear out of your mind. Go and orate something in public to reduce and finally eliminate your fear. You need to interact with your readers. You need to be active on any one of the social media. Do not just chit-chat but also occasionally write something for your readers. Also keep them updated about your upcoming books and blogs. This is the best way to keep your readers enthusiastic and interested in your writing. Ways of getting the book published: You can either publish your book as an E-book or you can go for printed traditional way of book publishing. Online book publisher India is the new trend for getting your book published. It also gives you full command on your book. You will be able to design the cover page of your book and at each and every step of publishing the book you can give your personal touch to your book and make it even more special for you. Else there are still many book publisher India which provides the traditional book publishing that is give you the printed book. Many online book publisher India publish printed book as well as E-book. In today’s generation of kindle and e-book the craze of printed book has not dropped drastically. So, many eBook Publisher in India provide you with both publishing method. There are many publishing companies that help you out at each and every step of publishing a book. So, you need not to hesitate in choosing the self publishing method. Onlinegatha is one among many publishing companies that help you in getting your book published.

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